Davina van Wely Vioolfestival

Academic Work

Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

A full identity for the biannual violin festival situated in The Hague. To honour their long history of giving young violinist an entrance into the professional world of classical music we decided to give the identity a valuable and rich atmosphere while using modern elements to keep it contemporary.

This project was made in cooperation with Niels Peereboom and Marthe Prins.

We decided upon a two spot color print with gold and black. Not only does this give a richer and more valuable feel to it but also allowed us the possibility for both a nice high quality paper and foil-stamped VIP tickets.

Devina van wely idenity catalogue 2x



Booklet Covers

For the qualifying rounds of the competition small booklets were locally printed by the festival. To make these booklets match the rest of the style we made these wrapping covers.

Diploma + Cheque

According to us it was important that the diplomas also carried the value as the identity.

Due to the fact that the finalists were only known a few days before the final competition offset printing was both too slow and expensive.

Our solution was to print the cheques and diplomas by hand with silk-screen technique.

Final Event Programme

For the final event we created a small booklet/programme with information about the institution and the competitors.




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